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  1. Class Warfare: Poo Jogger & Medieval Realty

    June 19, 2018 by admin

    Our first episode of The Lever, Dysatisfunctional’s flagship podcast. The skills, tech and people have aligned, and we couldn’t be happier to share it with you. Join Luke, Melanie, Nick and Tom for a fairly epic exploration of some symbolic shit going on, and we mean that literally.

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    Thanks for joining us on this merciless quest for the truth of our strange lives together.

  2. “It’s OK to Vote No” the series!

    December 21, 2017 by Luke

    Since the incredible reaction we got from social media for our first “It’s OK to Vote No” satirical video, we have created 2 more videos! Here at DysatisfunctionalTV, we think mocking the enemy is the least we can do.

    The 2nd and 3rd videos continue the question: “If it *is* indeed ‘OK to vote no’, what else might be ok?” You tell us! I think by the time I kicked my niece’s puppy Zia, it was clear what we thought of the No campaign for equal marriage.

    And now everyone in Australia can get married! The other side tell us that next will come bigamy and bestial marriages, but to those folks I say, pray harder. Speaking of that, we were personally so gratified to see so many religious organisations speak out in support of equal marriage. That took guts, with individual priests and community members going against their official leadership, which was consistently more sluggish on the issue, (unless you were a quaker).

    So in short, good on you Australia. We’d like to say our videos turned the debate at a key time, and who can prove we didn’t? (Ed.: we didn’t)

    Thanks to all performers and contributors.

    Here it is. Tell your friends.

    Video 2 takes a dump on the No campaign




    Video 3 “Moral Fibre and Empty Carbs” takes out the trash




    Or go from the start

  3. Our first satirical video! Comedy with punch.

    October 3, 2017 by Luke

    Me and the good folk at Blended Productions in Melbourne decided we needed to make something to support our LGBTIQ friends and family, after the last gruelling couple of months in which the Australian public has been asked to vote in a national survey on whether they should be allowed to marry their partner.

    As most people knew it would, the national conversation has turned into a toxic battleground for judging queer relationships and preferences. It’s been great to see people of faith voice their support for equal marriage, as with many other groups, unions, public figures and professions. But there’s been a bunch of hate, ignorance, and inappropriate judgments legitimised too. The “It’s OK to Say No” campaign tagline has asked us to fear for the safety of our children, the loss of parental control over school curriculum and a whole raft of issues that aren’t about equal marriage.

    So here’s our first video:


    Expect to see more! We did it for the loveislove. Please like and share widely on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter!