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“How are we to tell people, and ourselves, to get stuffed?”

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Welcome to Please consider us your friendly/hard-bitten self-improvement resource. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it might get personal at times, but we are not merely talking instead of listening. We’ve started this website because, as well as wry face-palms and frenetic coffees following tricky situations, we think seriously about the often awkward, comical scenarios we find ourselves in; because we think people everywhere are interested in that age-old question: “How are we to live?”, even if tossing ideas around can get a bit sticky. We’ll be led by issues rather than whatever happened five minutes before posting, and we’ll follow up on old posts and link different ideas when it’s helpful.

Our subject is relationships of all kinds: sex, dating, family, friends, colleagues and strangers. We think how we get on with ourselves counts too, so work, goals, age, death, money, rest and play all fall within our buttery embrace. From time to time we’ll go meta: some of the dodgier tendencies in self-help fields will be exposed and fiddled with, like a rookie away on his first club football holiday. And as is the case with, well, everything, there’s always more than one side to a story. Somewhere between our own views on whatever, you might find something fun or relevant.

Like any tango, is no one-way affair. In addition to welcoming your comments to each editorial post, our Q&A/agony column The Woe-Down will put your own dysatisfunctions to the grind. Dust off that prickly topic you’ve canvassed all your friends, family and pets with but lingers still, and click on Shed Your Woe to submit. As our early settlers used to say, if we can’t help you, then by God we’ll exploit you.


About Luke

Luke Stickels writes fiction, theory, and essays in such a piecemeal fashion as to be moving nigh imperceptibly. But he is no author-ninja. He is dysatisfunctional. Luke has written for Meanjin, The Drum Online, New Matilda, Green Magazine, and various now-defunct magazines, IsNot! Magazine probably being the most fun. He has written on violence, sound and cinema in several refereed academic journals, taught almost every subject at university, and was once quoted in a tumblr tag for "enlightened." As if THAT wasn't due to being completely dysatisfunctional.

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