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All your worries will be dispelled and replaced with new worries you had yet to conjure up here at the Woe-Down. Just “Shed your woe” on the link to the right of the Woe-Down to take part.

Many of you might have useful advice even more dysatisfunctional than what we can dream up here, so go ahead and comment away! Anything too mean will obviously hit the spam box, but well-intentioned criticism is encouraged.


About Luke

Luke Stickels writes fiction, theory, and essays in such a piecemeal fashion as to be moving nigh imperceptibly. But he is no author-ninja. He is dysatisfunctional. Luke has written for Meanjin, The Drum Online, New Matilda, Green Magazine, and various now-defunct magazines, IsNot! Magazine probably being the most fun. He has written on violence, sound and cinema in several refereed academic journals, taught almost every subject at university, and was once quoted in a tumblr tag for "enlightened." As if THAT wasn't due to being completely dysatisfunctional.

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