Luke Stickels writes fiction, theory, and essays in such a piecemeal fashion as to be moving nigh imperceptibly. But he is no author-ninja. He is dysatisfunctional.

Luke has written for Meanjin, The Drum Online, New Matilda, Australian Education Union member magazines, Green Magazine, and various now-defunct magazines: IsNot! probably being the most fun.

He has campaigned around the world for progressive change, trained leaders and organisers, and led thousands of people to better articulate their values and participate in social change.

He’s won competitive arts grants, developed business documents and consulted with organisations to transform their culture and work processes. He’s written on violence, sound and cinema in several refereed academic journals, taught almost every subject at university, and marked over a million words.

He was once carried out of Parliament by 4 police, and once quoted in a tumblr tag for “enlightened.”

As if ALL THAT wasn’t due to being completely dysatisfunctional.